Yoga Studio Review No. 1: Yoga Works Montana Ave

In Santa Monica there are more yoga studios than there are Starbucks.  That is why this coastal city full of Rolfer-going, green juice drinking LOHAS yuppies is the yoga capital of the world.  If you’re a dedicated yogi(ni) living in SaMo, you may have already pledged your allegiance to a specific studio.  However, if you’re a recent L.A. transplant or you’re just trying yoga out for the first time, the studio options can be overwhelming.  So, I have made... Read More

Get Your Happiness On!

As we all know, there’s something about starting a new year that compels us to better ourselves.  It’s like we crossed this invisible threshold that suddenly took one more year away from us and although some of us are constantly trying to improve our lives, come December 31st, we feel a sense of urgency to make drastic changes.  Albeit man-made, the calendar’s symbolism is powerful–so powerful that it has us all pondering the deepest of philosophical... Read More