Yoga Studio Review No. 2: Mark Blanchard Power Yoga


When I moved back to L.A. in 2007, I kept hearing about a style of yoga called “power yoga”.  I had always loved the deep stretching and meditative aspects of yoga, but was definitely looking for something more intense.   My best friend insisted that I come to her favorite studio in the valley to burn off some of the Yummys cupcakes calories we had consumed the night... Read More

Brandi, Phone Home!!!!!

phone home

After months of neglecting my wellness website and blog, I’m back and committed to updating regularly.  Since my last update (7 months ago!!!!), I traveled to Europe for a month of soul-searching, came back to L.A. feeling positive and focused, lost sight of my direction, got back into my daily Ashtanga practice, broke up with my boyfriend, moved out of my apartment and... Read More

Yoga Studio Review No. 1: Yoga Works Montana Ave

Yoga Works Montana

In Santa Monica there are more yoga studios than there are Starbucks.  That is why this coastal city full of Rolfer-going, green juice drinking LOHAS yuppies is the yoga capital of the world.  If you’re a dedicated yogi(ni) living in SaMo, you may have already pledged your allegiance to a specific studio.  However, if you’re a recent L.A. transplant or you’re... Read More

Get Your Happiness On!

Sunset Yoga

As we all know, there’s something about starting a new year that compels us to better ourselves.  It’s like we crossed this invisible threshold that suddenly took one more year away from us and although some of us are constantly trying to improve our lives, come December 31st, we feel a sense of urgency to make drastic changes.  Albeit man-made, the calendar’s... Read More

Shifting Perspectives Through Travel

Travel Well

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter where you go.  What matters is that you get out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to a change in perspective.  That was the purpose of my recent trip to Key West. I was already in Miami, staying at a condo equipped with pool, jacuzzi, deli and even valet.  My trips to Florida are always very easy.  But, ease does not promote growth.... Read More

Yoga for Marathon Training


With the L.A. Marathon only 13 weeks away, my training schedule has me running 14 miles this weekend and three times during the week, averaging 30 miles total per week.  Unfortunately, all of the running has my muscles wound up so tightly, that my Ashtanga practice has become quite painful.  I consulted my teacher and she advised me to practice with the intention of lengthening... Read More

Run, Yoga, Run

I did my second marathon training run on Sunday.  Despite my fears, it was surprisingly EASY!!!  Although I’ve been doing Ashtanga three to five times a week, my 8.5 mile sunset run felt wonderful!  While my shoulders are usually tight, my upper back achy and my legs heavy and sore, these last two distance runs have been the opposite.  Light and relaxed.  All of the deep... Read More

Point Dume Yoga Studio, Malibu

Point Dume

I just taught an intense Vinyasa Flow Level 2/3 Class at Point Dume Yoga in Malibu.  Lots of twisting, wringing out and detoxifying was happening in our toasty little studio.  The women in my class were lovely, hard-working and gracious.  I couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend (and to sweat out those glasses of wine from last night). Some key poses for a... Read More

Can Yogis Run Marathons?


Long before I discovered yoga, I was a long-distance runner.  Running was part of my daily life.  It was my way to detox, to meditate and to challenge myself.  Then I experienced yoga.  I realized that like running, it demanded stamina and emotional strength while providing similar benefits, minus the wear and tear.  However, it seems that over the past decade I have rarely... Read More

Yoga Vacation in Los Padres


Our most recent Yoga Vacation was just outside of Santa Ynez.  It was a weekend getaway, perfect for a group of burned out Angelenos.  As quick of a trip as it was, we all had a blast.  So many beautiful people with such fun-loving energy!  We dined on home-made delights, sipped wine under the stars and breathed a lot of oxygen-rich air.  This trip was on the rustic side,... Read More